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We Need Your Help!

Our mission is simple: Bring rodeo and the spirit of western heritage back to Gilroy while enriching our community both culturally and financially. Gilroy Rodeo is proud to be a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) entity, with no paid employees. Our supporters may work year-round devoting their time, goods, services and money to the event. As we continue to grow each year, we know we can't put on this event without the help of our community. 

A bigger event means we may need more help, but we are also able to lend a helping hand in return. We strive to return all profits from the rodeo to youth organizations in our area, with special attention to those organizations involving agriculture. We have also founded our "Gilroy Kicking Cancer" initiative, which allowed us to donate thousands to organizations fighting pediatric cancer in our area. 

We are excited to continue making an impact on our community in hopes that one day Gilroy is not only known for its Garlic...but also for its annual rodeo!

Increase Visibility 

We make every effort to showcase our sponsors on social media and throughout each performance of the rodeo! Your logo and support is seen by:

  • 7,6k Facebook Likes

  • 6.5k Instagram followers

  • 15,000 attendees, volunteers and contestants

Make an Impact 

With the help of sponsors, the Gilroy Rodeo can continue to be a non profit for years to come. Your partnership allows us to continue to support youth organizations in our area like Gilroy FFA! In 2023, we were able to give back over $42,000 to community organizations. 

Keep Traditions Alive

We miss the days when western heritage was a deeply seeded tradition in Gilroy. It's our mission to get back to our roots by bringing the community together with the great sport of rodeo. We need your help to ensure the western way of life will be preserved for years to come. 

Note: We're so grateful to have huge interest from returning sponsors so far. Bucking Chute sponsors are full for 2024! While we are still accepting Platinum Sponsors, all VIP seating boxes are also full. 

Thank you to our sponsors!

Bucking Chute Sponsors

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Platinum Sponsors

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CCI logo.heic
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Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

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Twin Oaks Logo.png
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C & F Farms

Contestant Hat Sponsors

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Added Money Sponsors

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SC Logo with DRE.jpg
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Buckle Sponsors

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MLH Ranch

Larry Redd - In memorium of Shelley Redd & Kathryn Haines

Greg Archuleta / Kim Howard 

Hubbell Family

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