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August 9-11, 2024

In association with the Western States Ranch Rodeo Whiskey Tour Stop

  • 60 point stop 

  • $3,000 added 

  • $100 entry fee

  • 20 entries max

  • 3 days of ranch bronc riding

    • Friday Perf 6:30 p.m. 

    • Saturday Perf 6:00 p.m.

    • Sunday Pert 1:00 p.m.


100% payback, buckle to first


Ranch Bronc Riding is a single competetor event 

Stock Contractor:  Rockin M Rodeo Productions/Lone Oak Western Productions


  • This is an 8 second Whiskey Tour Event.

  • You must be a current member of W.S.R.R.A. in order to be eligible to earn points for W.S.R.R.A. Finals.  You may purchase a membership online:

  • Wildest, yet most controlled ride.

  • Using a standard stock saddle, slick-for saddle with bucking rolls.

  • Bucking rolls, sack, or saddle blanket rolled up and tied across the fork is allowed.

  • Riders can hold horn, cantle, rope, night latches or rope strap.

  • Riders must have a rope tied onto the saddle.

  • No spur-out required and loss of stirrup is allowed.  Points will be deducted for loss of stirrup.

  • No hobbling of stirrups or bind on stirrup leathers.

  • Saddles will be inspected by judges for conformance of these rules.

  • Horses will be throat latched, at constractor's discretion

  • Same hand must remain on rein throughout the ride.

  • Fanning with hat is allowed.  Quirts and whips will not be allowed.

  • Ride is for 8 seconds.

  • Contestants will be awarded points for control, aggressiveness, exposure, length of spur stroke, and drag timing.

  • No locked rowels on spurs.

  • **W.S.R.R.A. Rules of Conduct will be enforced at all W.S.R.R.A. Sanctioned Events.***

Ranch Bronc Riding

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