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The 2021 Media Credentials Online Form must be submitted in advance July 31st, 2021 at 5 PM. Before media credentials will be released, verification of assignment must be obtained by the Gilroy Rodeo Public Relations Passes will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. The Gilroy Rodeo reserves the right to refuse media credentials.

Only those bearing Media Passes will be permitted access to Gilroy Rodeo grounds. You will need an additional badge to shoot from the chutes and on the arena floor. All access arrangements must be made with the Public Relations Director. News film crews may enter through the main rodeo entrance and must have prior consent. The latest news, events, schedule or event changes, etc. will be available on day sheets or website.


Interviews: All interviews with Rodeo Directors, Miss Gilroy Rodeo, contestants, and performers must be arranged with the Gilroy Rodeo Public Relations Director in advance. Last minute interviews cannot be guaranteed and media are asked to respect the limited time and manpower of the Rodeo Committee members. A Spanish speaking spokesperson will be available to Hispanic media services for interviews with advanced notice.


Dress code: MANDATORY Attire for Chute access or Pit access is cowboy hat or no hat at all, long sleeve button-down shirt, jeans, cowboy boots or other closed toed shoes; Other Areas- long sleeve button-down shirt, pants/jeans, close-toed shoes. NO ARENA access if you are not an approved photographer with arena credentials.

Media Release: By agreeing to photograph, film or record at the Gilroy Rodeo, the rodeo has the right to request and obtain your media for promotional use. The rodeo may seek watermark free and high quality images for use as the board of directors sees fit.

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